Saturday, March 7, 2009

the little loom that could

I will be working seven days a week pretty much for the next two months. This dedication will be for the purposes of filling some big orders, some smaller ones and making sure my retail clients have what they need for the summer season. Pictured above is my little production loom: a small Leclerc Fanny loom purchased second-hand (both my looms are pre-loved) from Wendy Druet in Charlottetown two years ago. It is a great workhorse and has helped me create hundreds and hundreds of scarves over the last couple of years, supporting myself and my small business. I have had to fix the castle (the very thick wooden dowel that supports the counterbalance of the harness leverage system), but other than the wear and tear visible in the wood (like life lines on a face), it works very very well. What you see here is the reeding (through the comb-like beater), and threading for six Seaweed scarves which will be woven one after the other. The next step is beaming - combing out the long warp threads and slowly wrapping them under tension around the back beam. After that, I am ready to weave - stay tuned, I'll post more steps of the scarf weaving process over the next few days!

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