Wednesday, February 18, 2009

where I live

This is painting by my partner Damien Worth. This is the block where we live in Corner Brook, NL. We live in the middle building on the second floor in a studio apartment. There is LOTS of snow all winter long. More snow than anywhere else I have ever lived. Life in this town has it's challenges and it's advantages. Because it is very isolated geographically, it costs a lot to leave and travel other places. Snow clearing leaves much to be desired for pedestrians like me - it is a place where everyone relies on cars. Our apartment is getting too small and it would be really nice to have a deck/backyard/our own entrance. On the bright side, I have become part of an amazing craft community in this town (and province) who have offered me incredible wisdom and mentoring. The summers are beautiful and our proximity to breathtaking landscape is fantastic (Bottle Cove, Gros Morne, Western Brook Pond). Because of the isolation, I am able to approach my weaving as a self-imposed artist residency - not a lot of social distractions. But, we have decided to move to Halifax, NS in May after being here for a year and a half. Damien will finish his BFA at NSCAD and we will both be closer to our families and friends on PEI and in the Maritimes. I lived in Halifax for 7 years during my time at NSCAD and am looking forward to returning at a different stage in my life, but I will leave Newfoundland with mixed emotions.

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