Friday, February 20, 2009

pyjama day

I have spent most of the day in my pjs today. Not because I haven't been working - in fact a sign that I've got a new project on the go. Sometimes this happens when I'm working out the planning for a new scarf design or a new woven work. I get so focused on problem solving and working through each step of results that the day flies and I drink lots of coffee, skip the gym, eat a very quick lunch and puzzle away. Today I'm working through a new design for summer. My goal is to design and create a lightweight, wool-free, wide summer scarf woven of fine raw silk and cotton. I am almost finished weaving my first sample, but it will be transformed once it is off the loom, washed and over-dyed to colour the bits raw silk in the warp. The structure is an undulating twill, a nice wavy pattern. The final scarf design might be narrower and have graduating warp stripes.......we will see!

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