Tuesday, February 17, 2009

lost and found

Early in January a woman in Santa Cruz, California bought one of my Seaweed scarves listed in my Etsy shop. A beautiful diamond pattern in a colour combination I called "pink mango", it was one of my favourites for its brilliant sunny glow. I put it in the mail right away for her - my first order going to the US - but by the end of January I received an email from her saying the scarf still hadn't arrived. I tracked it through Canada Post, but the last date they were able to track it to was january 16th when it reached customs. Thanks goodness I insured it (I insure all my shipping), and I quickly filed an "investigation" with Canada Post. Well, almost three weeks later, they still haven't tracked it down, and are now starting the procedure to refund me the value insured and the postage of the scarf. I think about that poor scarf out there in the world somewhere (I tend to personify what I make).... I feel very bad for Rebecca in Santa Cruz, I know what it's like to look forward to receiving something special in the mail and it not arriving. So, I am weaving an exact replica of the Pink Mango Seaweed Scarf for her and thought I would post an image of the scarf while on the loom. Once off the loom, the fringes will be twisted, the scarf hand-felted and then dyed in coral/orange that will only dye the white silk and merino of the warp, but leave the cotton weft the original dusty pink. It will look exactly like the original pictured here. And I will now ship to the US with Canada Post Express with guaranteed delivery......


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  2. Hi Rilla,

    Getting to see this makes my new scarf all the more special! And thanks for turning me onto your blog so I can learn more about its origins.

    My theory is that someone in customs fell in love with the other one (how could they not?) and took it home.

    Looking forward to the arrival of my new favorite thing! I live in a climate where it gets cool almost every evening, all year round, so it'll get plenty of wear even though this winter is waning...

    Take good care,

    P.S. Happy belated birthday!!