Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I arrived back last night from my first stint to Halifax this month (I visit again in two weeks). The ACTS show was my first wholesale show and I'm glad I did it. I got two orders and am hoping to follow up with some other retail buyers. It was amazing to realize how many people I know in the Atlantic craft community/industry - lots of familiar faces. But, it was a slow show compared to the hustle and bustle of retail shows....lots of waiting, and somewhat of a sense that a lot of the craft producers haven't changed their work in a long time - it's time for the next guard of contemporary crafters with an art practice approach, and I know there are lots of us.
I made a visit to the lovely Love, Me Boutique which carries my scarves and the owner Chara Kingston traded in some of my scarves for different colours, different styles. Wonderful shop on Birmingham St. - my first time there since she started carrying my scarves in October.
I did a lot of thinking and talking about point of purchase displays, designing a smaller version of my booth display ladder and getting feedback from my shops about whether or not they would like to have that display option for their scarves. Presentation is very very important , and most of the compliments directed at my work this weekend were also directed at my display - a simple, effective wall of colour.....
I also have some new designs to play with in the next month or two: a wholesale commission from the NL Craft Council to design an exclusive line of scarves, as well as wider silk and cotton scarves, and a narrower seaweed is on my brain. But for today, I will simply settle back in.

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  1. welcome back rilla. it's always good to come home knowing more. xxx