Saturday, January 31, 2009

making a living, living by making

thinking today about ways to sell more of what I make, increasing my business, increasing my income and maybe even my quality of life (ie - reducing late night financial anxiety, maybe buying a home one day - think of that!). Knowing the economic times we are in are effecting sales of my scarves in retail shops doesn't help. But, I do know that even though people may have cut their spending, they still enjoy the christmas craft season and meeting the maker/artist....this may mean planning to do more shows in November and December (busy but a thrill) where I am able to receive 100% of my retail sales price (as opposed to 50-60%). I also think I need to use my problem solving skills and creativity to come up with a handwoven item less expensive than my current least expensive scarf ($60 retail).....I have a handwoven version of the "scarflette" in mind, taking inspiration from some of my lovely fiber peers: a buttoned collar of a scarf that could be beautiful when done in my seaweed woven/felted style. And it is always a good thing to keep daydreaming, inventing, re-inventing and making variations on the theme of Marshall Arts. It what keeps me excited about all the potential in the world.

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